Microsoft Community Training


Build your Business

01 Creating your Business Image

01 Creating your Business

02 Exploring the Market Image

02 Exploring the Market

03 Financial Risks and Goals Image

03 Financial Risks and Goals

04 Developing Something to Sell Image

04 Developing Something to Sell

05 Researching the Market Image

05 Researching the Market

06 Making Sale Image

06 Making Sale

07 Reaching Potential Customers Image

07 Reaching Potential Customers

08 Managing Finance Image

08 Managing Finance

09 Developing Workforce Image

09 Developing Workforce

12 Expanding your Business Image

12 Expanding your Business

Microsoft Tools

Microsoft Excel Image

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Outlook Image

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft PowerPoint Image

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft teams Image

Microsoft teams

Microsoft Word Image

Microsoft Word

Work Readiness

CV Writing Image

CV Writing

Ideation Process Image

Ideation Process

Workplace Performance Image

Workplace Performance